Guess what!? My car is packed.  I've got my funglasses, my hubs, and my kiddos, and we're beach bound!! Yael, my assistant, is off to NY to get married-- 2 weekends from now! So... that means The Gilded Thimble is officially closed til Friday.  We'll return calls then.  -er... I should say, *I'll* return calls then.  I won't be running on all 8 pistons this month.  I'm without an assistant for three weeks out of this month!  Does she really need a honeymoon?  Well, I guess so. :/   

Just bare with me for the next month or so, I'll do my best to serve you while maintaining my family life, and allowing my employee to make incredible memories.  <3 

Here's me and my hubs! (Ever wonder which Superman handles all of our dry cleaning?  Here he is, girls! I know, I know, he's fine and he's MINE! ;) This is us cruising around on a tour of the Norfolk Port.  We were blessed enough to meet a super nice photog,  -He took our pic,  (very skillfully, check it!) with my own camera so I could edit the file and have it right away.  So kind! Thanks, Edward! He does wedding and event photography in the Hampton Roads area, DC, and beyond.