Some books I read along the way...

Every now and then, I am asked what I studied when I was learned to sew.  I have a post on here about where I came from, (in terms of sewing.)  But, It doesn't cover any actually materials that I studied.  

There are some things I absolutely pored over.  This book... Gah!  This book is so helpful!  If you can draft patterns and measure people, and know how those measurements interpret into garments, you are well on your way. 

Another way that I enjoyed learning about the manufacturing industry was through following the blog fashion-incubator.  Kathleen Fasanella is incredibly knowledgeable.  When I was first kicking around in manufacturing and selling small lines, her input was gold. I still use that knowledge today.  Her information helps with pattern making, sewing tips for sewing the RIGHT way, and sourcing, (she's got great info in that book of hers. Buy it.) She also has a forum for helpful industry chat. Definitely get her book.  

Now I'm saying books, but I'm a book person.  2D translates to 3D for me very easily.  So, if you don't think like that, and you prefer a vlogger, then I can't suggest anyone for you.  

...However! I do hope to shift over to some vlogging myself this winter!  Stay tuned, and I'll take you into my workroom. :) You guys noticed I have been blogging less frequently this year, haven't you?