A Different Kind of Busy...

You guys know our shop stays "buzzin and poppin", but this is a different kind of busy! Sorry if we have been a little slow to return calls.  The first of this week was full of hard work, long nights, lunges, breathing, and cries of little a angel named Piper. 

We know dresses are important but this is the good stuff!  Pictured above is the birth team to crush all birth teams. ;) From left to right. 

In the bed: our shop manager, Yael, (aka Mama). 

Me, (Carissa). 

Yael's best friend: Erin.

On mama: baby Piper, (7lbs, 10oz of infantino perfection). 

And last but not least: DAD, Tyler. 

Piper Devorah St. Gelais