Above is our new Promo video by the fabulous Elvisdog Productions! 



Zipping Up   This video is an example of the proper technique for zipping up a gown.  I used a super-tight dress for this video, just to illustrate what a difference technique can make.  

This is an instructional video on how to lace up a corset.  There are many different ways to lace one up, but I wanted to highlight our brides' favorite way of lacing -with a finished top to the lacing pattern. This also shows how to lace up a corset in such a way to maximize the figure and avoid the appearance of "back fat". This is not a gentle, comfortable way of wearing a dress.  This is definitely a "suffer for beauty" method.  If this method feels too stressful for you to wear, there are many other, more comfortable methods posted online.  Some brides choose to wear their gown this way for the ceremony and pictures, and then loosen it for the reception and meal.  Do what you feel is best for you.