Some Other Things That I Love...

Ok, ok. YES! I LOVE sewing.  But there are also some other things that I love!   I also love photography.  I've been investing and learning tons since we've started working on this website.  I needed high quality images and can't afford to have a professional photog follow me around. (shucks) My dad was an artist and photographer, and I'm very artistic and visually sensitive, so it just made sense for me to begin pursuing photography. I'm so glad that I did!    


Another thing that I love is a good promotional shoot.  (This is when a business owner arranges a shoot exclusively for photo stock to use for advertising.)  


Another thing I love is Church Street Bridal.  They have amazing designer dresses, all sold for around 10% of original retail.  (no, that's not a typo)  The proceeds all benefit domestic violence prevention and services. 


The other night was a blissful mash-up of all three of these things!!  I've been wanting to learn about using off-camera flash, so I scheduled a lesson with A.J.Chan, a photog whom I esteem highly in that area.  We tried out The Thimble's newest model, Devon in a Church Street Bridal gown. We even played with smoke bombs!


We had a blast and got some great images to use!  Enjoy!!  

IMG_6755ed - Copy.jpg
IMG_6725ed - Copy.jpg
IMG_6796 ed - Copy.jpg