Daddy's T-shirt

     Why not wear daddy's t-shirt loud and proud on your wedding day? We are used to sewing a heart inside of gowns to honor the loved ones who are no longer with us, but this bride wanted her daddy's heart to show on the outside of her gown. 

     We obliged by beading the patch so that it took on the bridal look that her dress deserves. 



Hey, girl... tighten up! ;)

This gown needed the bodice tightened, the lace halter tightened, and the collar realigned.  Halters aren't fixed just by pulling the fabric up at the shoulders.  Often, we have to rework the bodice in 5 or 6 places. Also note that we had to drop the waist of the gown.  It is more flattering all over now. 

bodice tighten.jpg

Christmas Goodies!!

If you ordered a box preservation package, it is here! Text us to pick it up. :) 

If you missed the deadline, we are still running our special of $25 off our box preservation package between now and 12/31/2017!  


How to raise a neckline...

Here's a grid showing the sequence of raising the neckline on this bridal gown. 


Box 1: Before pic. Bodice is too low for the bride's taste. She also wants a sweetheart neckline.  

Box 2: We made a sweetheart shaped overlay that included lining, shell fabric, and Chantilly lace overlay that matched the thickness and look of the gown bodice. We pinned it to the height she wanted. 

Box 3: We sewed the overlay to the gown. The bottom layers of the overlay gradually tapered to just lace, so with careful hand sewing, the line where one begins and the other ends is imperceptible. 

 Box 4: We pressed the bodice with a tailor's ham to shape it and to work out the puckers. 

Hope you enjoyed this!  


New Neckline

This bride wanted off the shoulder sleeves and more coverage for her bust line. We maintained a sweetheart dip while bringing the neckline up with beautiful french lace. I love this new portrait collar. Also note her waist that was hidden before we fit the gown to her. 



Before You Get Hateful...

Be nice. First try going the route of understanding. :) 

I love my clients.  Any bride who has spent any decent length of time with me knows that I care deeply about relieving their fears and making their dreams come true whenever possible.

But, when a human pours herself into her work, there must be limits to that work, because humans have limits. Get it? I can't be here for everyone. I wish I could! But I have to sleep, I have to be here for my family, and I somehow have to carve out time for myself. 

When we narrow our accessibility for booking with us, we are preventing brides coming at us from all angles and us dropping the ball. We cannot allow brides to book through 5 types of social media, texting, email, and phone calls. Chaos would ensue, and we would make mistakes. You have to book through the appointment request form to ensure that you have the smoothest experience.


Please take into perspective that in one *day* we have more brides visit our website than we can serve in an entire *year*  


Seamstresses don't make a lot of money.  I cannot afford to hire a call center to respond to brides that we couldn't possibly serve anyways.  That makes no sense. 

I also don't want to publish a lead time, because cancelations happen all the time for various reasons; therefore, there are often gaps that we could put late bookers in. 

We had a hateful review this week that was, thankfully, pulled. It violated terms of service.  It contained several lies, and even misquoted me. All because I couldn't book someone who is getting married in less than 3 months. 

Please think of me as human.  Please think of me as someone who is doing her best but will sometimes need a reminder or two.  In the crazy blurriness and urgency of planning a wedding, please remember that your vendors are real people with limits. 

Hints for getting "In"

Are you trying to book with us, but your wedding is less than 6 months away? If so, you may want to read up on some hints for how to "get in" with us.  

We book way out, so you need to be as liberal with your availability as you can be. Let me show you an example of two different appointment requests and then I'll let you know which bride gets in.

Just to illustrate, I'm going to give you two brides with the same wedding date...

Okay, guess which bride is more likely to get booked with us? You got it! "Beth." 

When you nudge your need by date up, you greatly reduce your chances of getting in.  Likewise, if you have difficult availability, there will be fewer appointment slots for you, and therefore less chance of you getting in. 

I know, it's not your fault that your curmudgeonly old boss won't let you off work. We aren't trying to punish faithful workers here!  :) Just book *earlier* so that, (hopefully) we can accommodate your schedule.  

I hope this helps! We look forward to serving you and making your bridal dreams come true.  


The Avalanche is Real...

The avalanche is real and it is coming!  I wish you could see how many appointment requests just came in this past week. It is impossible to serve all of the brides that request.  Book now, even if you don't have your dress in hand, yet.  Tell your friends as well. We hate turning people away due to being booked.