Hints for getting "In"

Are you trying to book with us, but your wedding is less than 4 months away? If so, you may want to read up on some hints for how to "get in" with us.  

We book way out, so you need to be as liberal with your availability as you can be. Let me show you an example of two different appointment requests and then I'll let you know which bride gets in.

Just to illustrate, I'm going to give you two brides with the same wedding date...

Okay, guess which bride is more likely to get booked with us? You got it! "Beth." 

When you nudge your need by date up, you greatly reduce your chances of getting in.  Likewise, if you have difficult availability, there will be fewer appointment slots for you, and therefore less chance of you getting in. 

I know, it's not your fault that your curmudgeonly old boss won't let you off work. We aren't trying to punish faithful workers here!  :) Just book *earlier* so that, (hopefully) we can accommodate your schedule.  

I hope this helps! We look forward to serving you and making your bridal dreams come true.  


The Avalanche is Real...

The avalanche is real and it is coming!  I wish you could see how many appointment requests just came in this past week. It is impossible to serve all of the brides that request.  Book now, even if you don't have your dress in hand, yet.  Tell your friends as well. We hate turning people away due to being booked. 

Let's Talk About Deal-breakers...

If you are considering doing a vintage redesign on a gown, you may want to read this little article that we were recently interviewed for.  It hits some basic points about green lights vs. deal-breakers. Also, what can and can't be done.  If you still have questions, set up a free consultation with us and we will discuss your project personally.  


Do you remember this dress? 

This gown was a Maggie Sottero that we used for a promo shoot in 2013. The back was heavily damaged, so it was only worth using for marketing purposes, and then it was priced at $50. We figured that someone would come along and be able to use the fabric for something. 

The gown hung silently in the back of my shop for years.  Someone finally did come along to claim it. SheShe was proposed to and our project began... 

SheShe wanted a 3/4 sleeve lace top.  Lots of flowers added, a removable lace train/veil, and a very full skirt. We also added beading and an asymmetrical lace panel in the front.  Sound like a recipe for disaster?  Well it wasn't!!

As you can tell her project turned out beautifully! 


Vintage Redesign

I'm thinking back on some of my favorite past projects that somehow slipped through the cracks for my blog.  I edited Alyson's redesign last year when we did her alterations, but it calls out to be such an image heavy post, that I never got around to uploading. I'm up past midnight, and what can I say?  Yay for unlimited uploading between midnight at 5AM! Hey, now you know why I often blog late.  I live in the boonies and have satellite internet, (read: sketchy service and expensive!)  I have a few other exciting projects to share, but those will have to keep.  It is Alyson's long-awaited night to shine! 

I feel like letting the images be the story for this post.  They tell more than I can.  I'll start you off with the fact that this was her mother's wedding gown that we redesigned for Alyson's style. This is truly one of my favorite redesigns. 

I'll get all of the words out of the way, now.  Enjoy...

A Different Kind of Busy...

You guys know our shop stays "buzzin and poppin", but this is a different kind of busy! Sorry if we have been a little slow to return calls.  The first of this week was full of hard work, long nights, lunges, breathing, and cries of little a angel named Piper. 

We know dresses are important but this is the good stuff!  Pictured above is the birth team to crush all birth teams. ;) From left to right. 

In the bed: our shop manager, Yael, (aka Mama). 

Me, (Carissa). 

Yael's best friend: Erin.

On mama: baby Piper, (7lbs, 10oz of infantino perfection). 

And last but not least: DAD, Tyler. 

Piper Devorah St. Gelais

Time is Winding up...

Our shop manager, Yael is nearing her due date.  She is due on Sept 22nd!  So soon.  I know you guys love her and wish for updates.  Here is a portrait we took in our studio the other day.  Her mama-beauty is in full bloom. 

Some books I read along the way...

Every now and then, I am asked what I studied when I was learned to sew.  I have a post on here about where I came from, (in terms of sewing.)  But, It doesn't cover any actually materials that I studied.  

There are some things I absolutely pored over.  This book... Gah!  This book is so helpful!  If you can draft patterns and measure people, and know how those measurements interpret into garments, you are well on your way. 

Another way that I enjoyed learning about the manufacturing industry was through following the blog fashion-incubator.  Kathleen Fasanella is incredibly knowledgeable.  When I was first kicking around in manufacturing and selling small lines, her input was gold. I still use that knowledge today.  Her information helps with pattern making, sewing tips for sewing the RIGHT way, and sourcing, (she's got great info in that book of hers. Buy it.) She also has a forum for helpful industry chat. Definitely get her book.  

Now I'm saying books, but I'm a book person.  2D translates to 3D for me very easily.  So, if you don't think like that, and you prefer a vlogger, then I can't suggest anyone for you.  

...However! I do hope to shift over to some vlogging myself this winter!  Stay tuned, and I'll take you into my workroom. :) You guys noticed I have been blogging less frequently this year, haven't you? 

Lauren and Mike

This past weekend, we traveled to the beautiful Charlottesville area to Veritas Winery.  It was the culmination of a long alterations project for us. Lauren came to us over a year ago with a Mark Zunino gown that overwhelmed her petite frame.

We cut the dress in two to shorten the torso, and then hand stitched the lace back down.  We took up the shoulders.  We hemmed both the front and the train. We also shortened the neckline. 

Lauren's dress, steamed and ready at the venue.

Why so quiet?

Why is my blog so quiet?  Because it is bridal season and things are crazy in the sewing world!!!  BTW, this is your friendly reminder to nudge your recently engaged friends we are currently booking September, (yes, 4 months out.) Fall brides should already be in the books for their appointments with us. :) 


Update: It is now May 31st as I type this. We are booked til the end of October now and we are still quiet on the blog because of the rush of bridal season.  BTW, I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day with your families.  

A Touchy Situation...

Today I'm going to do something that I don't normally do.  I'm going to blog about a touchy subject.


You read that right.  I'm going to bring up the subject.   Reality TV has brought many ills to society, the largest of which is normalizing and reinforcing unhealthy and dramatic behaviors. 

In the past we have politely asked that our clients limit themselves to only 1 guest. Due to the suggestions of reality TV, brides are more often under the belief that bridal fittings are now an "event" to which you should invite your bridal party and relatives.  Well... it's not.  ((clearing throat)) There, I said it.  

The number of guests accompanying brides is getting overwhelming and it's against our very nicely-worded policy.  Unfortunately, the nicely-worded part isn't working anymore. I hate to get firm.  Maybe explaining will help? 

Let me first say that I don't want to come across as offensive in any way.  I treat all of our clients with respect because I really do respect them and their families. The cartoons that are below are just meant to humorously portray what really happens when we have an overcrowded situation. If you are "hangry" right now or get easily offended by cartoons, please stop reading and go eat a snack. :) 

Okay, now that we are alone...

When you bring your friends and family, you invite their opinions and lots of distractions. Too many opinions can be stressful for you. Also, those opinions are often gestures of love from your friend's perspective, but they often increase your bottom line. For example: We give a bride 2 hem choices.  One is cheaper than the other and within her budget.  The other is above her budget but a little nicer.  Aunt Suzy is trying to be sweet by encouraging the bride to pick the best one.  Bride goes for it, because who doesn't like being told that they are worth it?  However, when it's time to check out, the bride is alone with her wallet, while the aunt is talking flowers with mom over in the corner.  

It's not that we don't like your relatives and friends. They are great! :) It just makes our studio feel all crazy when we only have two brides, but there are 13 people there.  I'm trying to do a job that requires precision and a detailed memory, but I'm being interrupted by a maid of honor asking me to show her how to work the coffee maker. Even though I love what I do, my job is high-pressure.  I can't be given a pass to accidentally hem a bride's dress 2 inches too short because her baby niece was screaming or because mom had rearranged her skirt while my back was turned. It happens, people.  All. The. Time. Not the part about the hemming too short, (thank goodness!) but, the screaming baby and mom rearranging the dress is all too real.    

To sum it up:

#1 The entourage makes it more stressful for the bride.

#2 The entourage makes it more stressful for the seamstress. 

That my friends, is a recipe for disaster.  Let's stick with the one-guest rule, okay?  Thanks!  Oh, and thank yourself, too because everything will be so much less stressful for you!