Have to Share Another...

Here are some more beautiful moments that I captured with a couple of very kind parents from this weekend's wedding.  This wedding was held at West Manor.  

Abby's dress came from the fabulous Church Street Bridal.  They have designer dresses at a 10th of original retail, and it all goes for a great cause.   

Flowers by Amy Thornburg, The Arrangement Company, (beautiful as always!).  

Abby's wedding came together perfectly.  The people at West Manor are very professional and detail-oriented.  

Her photographers were from C. Tyler Corvin Studio.  They are a husband and wife team out of Charlottesville.  I work a lot of weddings, and I see a lot of photographers work.  So, naturally, I've learned to clearly see who is winging it and who really knows their stuff.   These guys know their stuff!!  They had great equipment. They worked with the family without causing chaos to break loose.  They were humble and relaxed, but on their game.   I look forward to sharing their photographs with you on my bride's page, here

What else is there to say?  It was a beautiful ending to what most have dubbed the busiest wedding day of the year for this year.  (We served 10 Gilded Brides who married on this day!)  The next huge day for us will be Oct 12th.  I'll have to tally up our numbers for the year and find out exactly which was the biggest day for us.  

For now, I'm relaxing, for last week was unbelievably busy and I'm having to re-bound quickly to get all of my many October brides picture perfect for their big day. (Click on picture below to enlarge.)

Abby and her Mother after the wedding ceremony. Abby and her Father, in their final moments together alone before she became a "Mrs.".