Maggie and Sean

We worked a wedding this past weekend at The Boonsboro Country Club.  That day was a day of firsts for me.  It was the first time that I performed wedding day services for a bride that I did not do alterations for.  I normally can offer you a story about "The Dress".  Not this one!  The bride was from Denver, Colorado and had all of her dress preparations done where she lives. I'm friends with her mom, so her mom hired me as a gift to her daughter on her wedding day.  I'm "Peace of mind in a box" for the Brides and their mothers, I like to say.  This Saturday was the first day that I met the bride, Maggie! It didn't take us very long to stop being ultra professional and cut up a little around each other though.   


Another first for me was that it was the earliest wedding I've ever worked.  Maggie and Sean had a morning ceremony followed by a brunch.  They served eggs Benedict or chicken and waffles.  I couldn't believe how good all of the fare was.  


Here's the view of The Country Club as I arrived in a pre-dawn hour. 

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

Even though I hadn't forged a prior relationship with this dress, I knew everything was going to be okay when I saw the dress bag for the first time.  BHLDN.  ~sigh~  A Beholden gown.

I set to work with steaming the many bridesmaid's gowns from Nordies. They were beautiful, of course.  And very well made.  I prepped Maggie's dress and studied the bustle to make sure that I understood it well enough to fasten it quickly after the ceremony.  My first big fix was rushed through the door a few moments later.  The ring bearer's suits had gotten lost in shipment and new ones had to be overnight-ed.  Of course, they needed to be hemmed. No biggie. A few snips and a blind hand stitch later, they were good to go. I'm sorry I don't have a pic of the boys!  Their grandmother helped with them most of the time, because they were very young.  10 months and a toddler.  

Getting Ready... A bridesmaid preps in front of a mirror.  A flower girl's bow.  Hey hey, who is that there, doing hair and makeup, but the one and only Emily Garbee?  I just love her.  

The Mother of the Bride is on the far right.  I love the look of admiration as she looks on at her daughter being prepped for the ceremony.  

The flowers were by The Petal Company. They were astonishingly beautiful.  

I loved the baby's breath kissing balls that they had swaying in the old oak tree that Sean and Maggie took their vows under.  

Another first for me this day was working with We Are The Mitchells, a photog duo from the east coast.  Check their page that I'm linking to.  It's a teaser for the eye candy that we are in for when they release the pics they did of Maggie and Sean.  They do fabulous work and are super nice and laid back to work with.   They are from my hometown, so when we need family ports taken on the beach, I know who we will call.  Seriously guys.  My beach Photographer shopping is done.  Yay!


After the ceremony... hugs for everyone...

The reception area was beautifully decorated.  They used bird cages and books.    

This is their cake at the sweetheart table.  The cake and cupcakes were made by Kissed Cupcakes. They served cupcakes to the guests.  They were out of this world! I took mine home,  (I have a family of four)  We all took one bite of it and rolled our eyes in pleasure! lol

The manager at the C.C. was named Mark and he was a very likable guy who ran a very efficient staff.  

I hope you loved the story of their day! I was so sad to go home without a good picture of the bride and groom together, but serving the bride is my priority and it was a chilly day for her to be in a sleeveless gown.  I wrapped and unwrapped her in an ivory pashmina between pictures to keep her warm.  She was covered in goosebumps!  I also carried her lace train and kept it clean of the fall leaves.  I'll add their picture once We Are The Mitchells does a blog post. Their's will be far better than mine would be, anyways!  

Best wishes for Maggie and Sean!