Melissa and John

This past weekend was a doozy!  We worked a beautiful wedding for Melissa and John at the new wedding venue, Locust Thicket.  This was the venue's first wedding!  They did a tremendous job.  You would have never known it was their first rodeo.  They must have some very experienced staff members.  Everyone was kind and efficient.  Check out some of the details from their preparations... 

I guess I should say something about the couple at this point.  Ya know... some couples are more... well, run of the mill than others.  And then there are some couples that you are really concerned about turning loose on the world!  I think Melissa and John fall more into this category.  Don't let their smokin' cool Hollywood glam looks fool you,  these guys are zany!!    

That's John with his drill out front of the main house.  Just an hour before the wedding, he was still tweaking the place.  He restored the pews for their ceremony.  He also custom built the bar and wine racks for the venue.  That's how the groom developed a relationship with this site and decided to marry here.  John's business is called Splinter and Nail.  

Here's the low-down on the fab vendors... 

Photography by Cleanlight Photography, I'll explain more about them later :) 

Catering by Cater This! 

Flowers by Arthur's Flower Cart

Cake by Geri's Confections

Hair by Tasha Brown 

Decor is group effort- part DIY with Melissa and her friend Becky England, and part Locust Thicket 

Alterations, side bustle, and wedding day services by The Gilded Thimble

Dress by Celebration Bridal


You'll see my lurvly assistant, Yael in some of the pics.  What would I do without my trusty sidekick? 

What a gorgeous couple on a beautifully lit fall day!

I kid you not, I did not edit this pic one bit.  Only cropped.  The light was just that good!!!

Remember the part about, "zany"?  Half their pics are like this! lol

The decor and white lights throughout were just breathtaking! 

(Are you getting sick of gorgeous people yet? ;)

Here's some friends and family.

***Please note my zany comments above***  First they pretended the "special" cake cutting knife was a pocket knife. Then (because the cake table was in the corner, I was having to backup wide to get them standing and cutting and the cake all in one frame.) they obliged me by scrunching down in a funny way near the cake so we could get a close up. ;)  Super fun gang.   No no, do NOT volunteer to babysit their future children for free someday.  They will be pranksters!!   

Meet the parents.  A special award will be given to these people for raising children who look like models but are still very down-to-earth. (Trust me-  The bride and groom get their outgoing and fun loving attitudes honestly.)