Molli and Kyle...

When you dreamed of something ever since you were a little girl, how hard do you hold onto that dream?  Do you chose to believe in it or do you cave? 


Molli believed...


Molli believed that she would have an outdoor wedding. Even though she selected a venue that has a beautiful interior, she chose a garden appropriate dress and a venue with a gorgeous vista.  Her every image that she painted in her mind during all of these months of planning had her located outside, surrounded by nature.

December held other plans.  I checked the forecast the night before. 90% chance of rain... all day...

  I arrived early as I usually do.  I set up the steamer. I snapped a few pics of the venue before my time officially began.  We dressed the maids.  I stitched the backs of each of their gowns so that their undergarments wouldn't show. 


Look below at how beautiful her dress is!  It's from the Blue line.  She purchased it from Celebration Bridal in Lynchburg, VA. We fully altered the gown to Molli's form and delivered it, freshly steamed. We custom made Molli's veil as well. 

blog dress.jpg

Have you ever been to the Bedford Columns before?  This was our first holiday wedding there.  It's was decorated so beautifully! The mansion in general is very stunning, but the lights and glitter really took it to an even higher level.  

We helped Molli into her gown, and prepared her shoes for their walk down an aisle. But what aisle would they walk down?  2 o' clock was fast approaching.  The ballroom was filling with guests.  There were seats arranged in both the ballroom and outside in the Bridal Courtyard. 

Above, the applique that Molli chose and had us attach to her gown.  Her Betsy Johnson shoes. Flowers were arranged by the bride's grandmother, Loretta Flowers.  

The snazzy little tutu wearing poodle, and a sleeping beauty, flower girl.  

Molli postponed the wedding for a very brief time before making her final call.  We checked and rechecked the Doppler. See that little break in the clouds? It was Molli's answer to prayer heading our way.  In a matter of minutes, the sky should clear right?  

"Let's do it!"  Molli decided to take the "plunge"- lol, hopefully not in literal water.  We want it to dry up!

She made the right call!  Even though some chose to keep their umbrellas up, they really weren't badly needed.  The rain let up in perfect time with Molli's ceremony!

I need to take a pause here to mention Molli's photographer, PG Photography.   Paula, the photographer was super nice, but wait there's so much more!  Check out the shots she worked that day and how quickly she posted a huge sneak peek!  Wowzzaas!!

Molli's cake glittered with "snow".  I wish I could truly capture how it looked!  It's was crafted by Geri's Confections.  


Look below at some of their personal details from their reception. Some other vendors I should mention are, Barry Tosh, DJ. And the Amazing Katie Lester as coordinator, A Little Party, Events.  

You know how you feel a little itchy and grumpy when you're all dressed up?  You know how you feel a little bit happier when you're in your comfy clothes and have your favorite blanket to hug? ... This is too cute!  The ring-bearer had a total change, here folks! lol 

Check that "Gilded" waist!  

I helped the bride out of her heels and into her glittery Toms. I hooked up the 5 bustles that my assistant, Yael had put into Molli's gown, and even tacked the front of her dress, so she wouldn't tear it since her shoes were lower now. I watched the first dance to make sure her bustles would hold. After their dance, Kyle and Molli sat down at the sweetheart table.  I made eye contact with her from across the ballroom and offered a little wave goodbye.  She formed a heart with her hands, and we shared a knowing smile.  I could leave knowing that all her dreams came true, December 6th, 2014.  

Many happy years, Kyle and Molli! <3