"October is the new June"

They say " October is the new June".  They ain't kiddin'.  We are getting clobbered right now with final adjustment fittings, steamed gown pick-ups, and of course, meeting Spring 2016 brides.  The Gilded Thimble is overwhelmingly busy right now! We are thankful for work, but even a happy seamstress has to rest a little while every now and then.  Yael has traveled off to her home state for the weekend, and I don't have a wedding booked this weekend. Sooo... I'm going to sign off for the next couple of days.  

If you have trouble reaching me, it's just because I'm recharging so that I can be energetically ready to serve on Monday.  Have a great weekend, guys!! I have some yard exploring to do with my kiddos!