Jordan and Justin

Jordan tied the knot on Saturday!  You may recognize her before/after picture from a few months ago.  Her alias on here was, "Tootsie".   She married at the Church of God on Hildebrand in Roanoke.  Her reception was at Woodland Place in Vinton, VA.  Let's start with a little back story...

Get it?  "Back story"?? ;)  Jordan is pictured far left.  While getting ready, she is managing her Cathedral length veil in a very creative way! Her mom is in the middle picture.  Her zipper gave out first thing and I had to sew her up into her dress!  Crisis averted.  Sewing a zipper is a quick way to solve a major problem, but it's also much prettier than a regular zipper.  More on that later... ;) The bridesmaid on the right is a good example of a few other fixes that I had to make Saturday.  Her snap had broken on her sash, so I sewed it back on.  I also had to shorten another bridesmaid's straps so that she would enjoy a perfect fit.  

Left: The colors were in full strut on this scattered showers day.  

Right:  Love these ladies!!  Jordan's grandmother is on left.  MOB is on the right. They both accompanied Jordan to my studio for most of her fittings.   

Here's the back of Jordan's dress before and after I sewed her zipper flap down.  Her dress had an unusually flappy zipper flap! It would never lay right on its own and had to be sewn in place.  

After a steam and a stitch, Jordan is ready to walk down the aisle.  

I want to make special mention of Jordan's photographer, Paula Greenway.  I always love working with her!  Please visit her website.  She's ultra savvy about this stuff and produces beautiful work.  I'm always amazed at how huge her sneak peeks are- and lightening fast!  

Thank you Jordan for allowing me to share your day!!