We were a Clutchie Award winner!

Today is a super exciting day for us! This marks the first day of distribution for the latest Clutch Guide, wedding issue.  Inside it, you will find featured weddings, vendor advice, fresh ideas from other brides, and lots of informative well designed ads from local venues and vendors.  You will also find the results from the first ever Clutchie Awards.  They took a poll from local brides to establish who is Diamond, Platinum, and Gold in our area.  Ours truly took home a Diamond award for Alterations services!

I want to thank all of my fabulous customers for 3 things...  1)  That you trust me enough to allow me the freedom to work on the most important garment that you will ever wear! 2) That you guys have amazing vision.  My redesigns gallery would be very boring without my outta-the-box brides who want to see big changes happen! 3) That you guys voted for me!  This was an open ballot contest.  You could have filled in any name, or left it blank, but instead you thought of me.

Most of all, I want to thank God and my family.  5 years ago, there were days when I couldn't get out of bed or even walk.  I had R.A. I took a lot of medicine for it, Plaquenil, Prednisone, and a mild chemo drug named Methotrexate.  But they only allowed so much freedom.  I was bound up with Arthritis, and it was all I could do to take care of my family.  Truth be known, they took care of me.  Some people ask me, "Where did you come from?"  It's like I just burst on the wedding industry scene. Well, I came from a dark, painful, chronic disease that didn't allow me to work to the capacity that I do today. R.A. is debilitating and has no cure.  God healed me one day.  Yes.  I said, God healed me.  I'm free of that terrible auto-immune disease now and can work many hours a week, making your (and my) dreams come true.  

My family deserves lots of "hugs and kisses, loves and wishes", (as we say at the Suter house) Because they put up with my hours and do all the usual sacrificing that small business owner families have to do.  It's a big deal.  


 Follow this link here to read the .pdf of the new guide.  Be on the look out for your very own guide, (to have and to hold ;) at one of the many drop-off locations.  I'll have some complimentary copies in my studio some time in the next couple of weeks.   

Below is a screenshot of The Clutch Guide's new cover for their wedding issue.  Pri-tay!  

Below you will find a copy of the beautiful new ad that we ran in the Guide.  Special thanks to models Emma and Noa for lending their time and beauty to this shoot.