Mark and Carly

Here is the long awaited blog post!!  Let me just preface this by saying that normally, when I do a blog post, I average about 12 images.  It is my purpose with this blog to market my business with the power of social media.  

I use my blog to give credit to other vendors and to represent the resulting beauty of my work.  The most effective way for me to *show* beauty online is with photography, (Note: I'm giving the stink-eye to the rare photog that is insanely jealous and feels they should be the only ones allowed to take pics or do a blog post about a wedding. :P )  I've been a photographer for longer than I've been a seamstress, but I'm not trying to compete with wedding photogs with my images.  Everyone has a different vision that they take away from a day.  I also always make a point to not take shots of anything that the photographer has composed.  And I will never, repeat, NEVER shoot over their shoulders.  

Anyways, kudos to my many sweet, non-competitive photographer friends.  Jenny Clark is one of them.  She is a great photographer.  She works with children especially well, (the hardest part!!) and is very skilled with what she does. She and I talked about this day and she kindly permitted me to take pictures.  I am posting many more pictures than usual, because this was a family event for me and this post serves, not just as a business post, but as a personal family record.  

Jenny shooting

without further ado... 

The site was at a family farm.  Unbelievably beautiful.  Some of the pics have a foggy effect to them.  That's not a dreamy filter that I used, it was just very humid, so I kept getting fog on my lens. lol 

Here's the bustle for the reception.  It's a triple traditional.

To Mark and Carly:

May God give you abounding love, patience, and wisdom.  May you never be selfish.  May you war against anything that tries to come against your marriage.  May you always remember that you are on the same team.  May you grow closer to God and deeper in love.  And I pray that one day you look down at your aged feet and see how close you still walk together. 

With love, 

The Other Suters <3