Sabrina in Luray

This past weekend, we worked a wedding in Luray, VA. I was happy to see our bride Sabrina and a venue I had never been to before.  But, unusually enough, I was also excited for the road trip, because I wanted a photograph of the Luray Volcano.  I know what you're thinking, "The Luray, what??" Yes, there is an ancient volcano in Luray, (possibly many of them?) and no, you can't google image search it to find it.  Thus my desire to photograph it.  So I had my camera ready in anticipation.  As we neared Harrisonburg, the sky opened up and we had a hard, driving rain on 81.  Oh, poor bride, I thought.  It is an outside wedding.  As we neared Luray, the rain ceased and a beautiful, gray hovering mist embraced the mountain range.    It also wound its way around the volcano so that it was shrouded beyond recognition.  Harrumph. 

As we pulled up to Stover Hall,  I took in the charming brick facade with white trim.  We drove deeper down the drive, and the Appalachian Mountains spread her arms in greeting, the garland of fog draping her ancient shoulders.  I drew in a breath.  Sabrina's pictures were going to be amazing.

You guys know about my favorite wedding weather.  It's a morning that is washed and brightened by rain, followed by a full day of partly cloudy skies.  I'm even up for a rain shower or two.  The colors come out in full strut after a rain shower, I tell you.  And you also have no squinty pictures.  Hooray! This is the kind of day that was prepared for Sabrina! 

I did my usual dress prepping.  I steamed her gown and veil.  I steamed the bridesmaid's dresses.  Tacked a few things where needed.  I tightened up the MOG's dress a smidge for her.  

Sabrina took the route of having coordinating dresses for the bridesmaids.  My fave.  <3  Look really close, and you can see a blur of Sabrina in the field to the right of the bridesmaids.  She is approaching the site of her first look photos. 

See the picture on the right?  That's MOG and MOB.  I love their dresses!  They both wore lace overlay shifts.  

Hair by friend of the bride, Devin.  Awesome job!!!  

Gown from Church Street Bridal.  Veil was also from Church Street, but was re-tulled by The Gilded Thimble.  Don't be scared of damaged veils!  You can save a ton and we can swap out the tulle and comb.  No biggie! 

Sabrina's bouquet was a show-stopper! Her flowers were perfectly bloomed lilies, roses and succulents. Vivian's got it right! It's rare to see lilies that aren't creased or in the wrong stage of blooming.

A couple other vendors that I should mention: Planning by James Umana.   Sabrina also had live music performed by loved ones from her church.  

Above, Lindsey from one of Sam Stroud's teams coaches the girls for their picture.  She was super nice and knowledgeable.  So was Meredith and Mitchell.  I had a great day working with that team!  Kaylee, a friend of Sabrina's was doing video.  I can't wait to see her interpretation.

 While I've given you a good report on the vendors of the day, there are many details lacking.  I had to help Sabrina with her dress pretty intensely because of the wet grass.  So all the stunning vistas will be masterfully captured by Sam Stroud's team.  Watch for those breathtaking images! I also would've loved to share a pic of Sabrina's dad and his long-time girlfriend, Jenn.  They were sweethearts.  They accompanied Sabrina on her sewing day at my shop, so we have literally spent a couple days together. Thanks Dad and Jenn!

As I packed up, I hugged Sabrina goodbye and mentioned my missing the volcano picture, (she knew I was going to try to get one that day.) But, Sabrina looked beautiful and she had a glorious backdrop for a wedding day.  ~Sigh~   I'd give up getting that shot again and again if it meant she could have a day this beautiful.  xoxo, Sabrina.  Wishing you many happy years of love!