A New Plan

To some it may seem far away, but in the wedding industry -where it seems I'm always mentally living 6 months out, the new year is just around the corner.  Right now, we are starting a shift in the way we blog so that in 2016 we will have ushered in a completely new approach to our blogging. 

Historically, I have blogged in bursts.  The posts have been content rich, often taking hours to produce.  My web traffic reflects this.  I have a steady stream of visitors perusing my galleries with extreme bursts in traffic following my blog posts.  I will still post about the weddings that I work, but the content will be much lighter.  

The other change will be that, as often as I can, I intend to post before afters of our projects.  Here's how it will work. The brides will choose an alias.  I will post the headless before/afters of the brides, then I will give them a link to that post.  They can choose to share their b/a pic with close friends and family at that time and/or do a social media post after their wedding day.  

That will give my blog more sustained traffic without a huge investment in time.  It also shares the love among many of my brides instead of only highlighting the brides whose weddings I work.  

I hope you all enjoy seeing the dramatic transformations that we see here daily!  I know I have a lot of gallery fans out there, but the galleries are really just a drop in the bucket compared to what we do every day. This new approach in blogging is going to share that excitement with you on a regular basis!