Kayla and Sam

We worked a wedding this weekend in the "Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia." Whew!  Try saying that 5 times fast!  While I wouldn't try repeating that phrase again and again, I wouldn't mind reliving this wedding.  It went so smoothly.  Usually the day's events take their cue from the outlook of the bride, and this day was no exception.  Kayla was completely chill all day long and it reflected in the feeling of the day.  

Her vendors were awesome to work with!  Everyone did their own jobs, but also pitched in where needed. We are even having discussions about offering joint promos together because we all complemented each other so well.  That is rare!  I'll get to the vendor list throughout my post. Meanwhile, let me step out of the way and get on with the pictures and story of the day... 

Kayla came to me back in April to have her dress altered.  As you can see from the pictures, the torso was way too long for her frame.  We had to shorten the waist, which is a deep alteration.  We also hemmed her dress, put in a bustle, and groomed her gown.  See the craziness in the train in the before picture? That takes hours of pressing and tacking to rectify.

Below, I've zoomed in on her gown to show the difference in the torso length.   

Remember the part about the alterations being in April?  Well, her gown is a delicate lace and is covered in very heavy beads.  We are assuming that the weight of the gown stretched it, because the length was right in the studio months ago, but it was waaay off this past Saturday.  Her dress was 4 inches too long!  She could not walk in it. I'm so glad I was there to hem it on the spot!!!  Seriously girls, this is why we push for either a final adjustment fitting or hiring us for wedding day services.  You just never know.  

Hem on left was so long she couldn't walk.  Hem on right is fixed.  

We had the gems on her dress wrapped in tulle so that they wouldn't put a pull in the lace.  We pressed her gown, the bridesmaid's dresses, and the steamed the suits.  

Kayla was finally aisle ready.  

Here comes the bride!  Kayla's train was orderly and beautiful.  

The middle picture is Melissa Perella, the photographer of the day.  She is incredible!!!  I loved her calm, happy presence.  She was genuinely nice and engaging of the other vendors.  She was humble yet skilled- be still my heart!! 

Kayla's planner had lined up all of the names of the wedding party in the order in which they should enter.  She was super organized and helpful.  Her name was Madison Branham.  She's from Knoxville, TN. 

Above, Kayla and Sam take their vows.  What do I do during the ceremony?  I run back to the bridal suite and pack everything up, except for hand stitching items and things I may need for a bustle mishap.  I unplug the iron so that it can be cooling. I pack away "dangerous" things so that no little ones could get hurt while the things are left unattended.   

Here are a couple of pictures from Melissa.  She did such an incredible job!  Please do take a moment to view her fb page and her website.  You don't want to miss her work. I love the picture with the yellow fluffy cloud.  I was so excited to see something so colorful pass over their day!  

Behind Sam and Kayla is Tamarack, their wedding venue.  Inside, the halls are lined with artwork and they have a gallery.  I'm an art lover, so I was in heaven.  The venue staff was amazing. Everything ran smoothly.  One thing was unmistakable- the happy attitudes.  I had to go in the back rooms several times throughout the day, and even in the back, where workers can be themselves, they were all helpful and happy! That says a lot. 

I must also say that I truly loved this family. They kept me in stitches all day long.  Especially, M.O.B. Sara, "LOVE her!!"

Hope you have enjoyed my take on the day!