A Touchy Situation...

Today I'm going to do something that I don't normally do.  I'm going to blog about a touchy subject.


You read that right.  I'm going to bring up the subject.   Reality TV has brought many ills to society, the largest of which is normalizing and reinforcing unhealthy and dramatic behaviors. 

In the past we have politely asked that our clients limit themselves to only 1 guest. Due to the suggestions of reality TV, brides are more often under the belief that bridal fittings are now an "event" to which you should invite your bridal party and relatives.  Well... it's not.  ((clearing throat)) There, I said it.  

The number of guests accompanying brides is getting overwhelming and it's against our very nicely-worded policy.  Unfortunately, the nicely-worded part isn't working anymore. I hate to get firm.  Maybe explaining will help? 

Let me first say that I don't want to come across as offensive in any way.  I treat all of our clients with respect because I really do respect them and their families. The cartoons that are below are just meant to humorously portray what really happens when we have an overcrowded situation. If you are "hangry" right now or get easily offended by cartoons, please stop reading and go eat a snack. :) 

Okay, now that we are alone...

When you bring your friends and family, you invite their opinions and lots of distractions. Too many opinions can be stressful for you. Also, those opinions are often gestures of love from your friend's perspective, but they often increase your bottom line. For example: We give a bride 2 hem choices.  One is cheaper than the other and within her budget.  The other is above her budget but a little nicer.  Aunt Suzy is trying to be sweet by encouraging the bride to pick the best one.  Bride goes for it, because who doesn't like being told that they are worth it?  However, when it's time to check out, the bride is alone with her wallet, while the aunt is talking flowers with mom over in the corner.  

It's not that we don't like your relatives and friends. They are great! :) It just makes our studio feel all crazy when we only have two brides, but there are 13 people there.  I'm trying to do a job that requires precision and a detailed memory, but I'm being interrupted by a maid of honor asking me to show her how to work the coffee maker. Even though I love what I do, my job is high-pressure.  I can't be given a pass to accidentally hem a bride's dress 2 inches too short because her baby niece was screaming or because mom had rearranged her skirt while my back was turned. It happens, people.  All. The. Time. Not the part about the hemming too short, (thank goodness!) but, the screaming baby and mom rearranging the dress is all too real.    

To sum it up:

#1 The entourage makes it more stressful for the bride.

#2 The entourage makes it more stressful for the seamstress. 

That my friends, is a recipe for disaster.  Let's stick with the one-guest rule, okay?  Thanks!  Oh, and thank yourself, too because everything will be so much less stressful for you!