How to raise a neckline...

Here's a grid showing the sequence of raising the neckline on this bridal gown. 


Box 1: Before pic. Bodice is too low for the bride's taste. She also wants a sweetheart neckline.  

Box 2: We made a sweetheart shaped overlay that included lining, shell fabric, and Chantilly lace overlay that matched the thickness and look of the gown bodice. We pinned it to the height she wanted. 

Box 3: We sewed the overlay to the gown. The bottom layers of the overlay gradually tapered to just lace, so with careful hand sewing, the line where one begins and the other ends is imperceptible. 

 Box 4: We pressed the bodice with a tailor's ham to shape it and to work out the puckers. 

Hope you enjoyed this!