The type of corset that we don't install

Here's a picture of the type of corset that we don't install.  I have lots of pictures online of the type of corset that we *do* install, but I thought it would serve to illustrate why we avoid putting in the loop corsets.  I can't tell you how often we see dresses in this condition.  Corset backs are under a tremendous amount of pressure.  Loop backs are sewn in with only a row or two of stitches to hold the loops in.  It's just not physically possible for the loops to hold up to that kind of stress. 

I always say, because of the pressure that's placed on a well laced corset, there is a higher failure rate than with traditional zipper backs.  With loop backs, that means a loop breaks, then more pressure is put on the other loops, and then they begin to break as well. 

We install grommet style corset backs because we believe in them.  Due to the stress imposed upon them, they sometimes fail as well. -Yes. I just admitted that.  (We don't call this the "truth zone for nuthin'.) But they rarely fail, and the grommet's version of failing is different from the loops version of failing.  If a grommet pops out, you still have a functional hole to use.  Just slip the grommet through the ribbon and up against the hole, and it's almost impossible to tell by looking at it that the grommet has failed.  The lacing remains the same.  The corset back continues to function. 

To see some examples of corset backs that we have installed, check out our gallery.

broken corset back2.jpg