IT'S here.

...Bridal season.  It's here. 52 calls yesterday. Wowzaas.  I'm doing my best to return calls.  If it takes a few days, please forgive me.  I don't mean anything personal by it.  Feel free to shoot me a reminder text or call again.  Same goes for emails.  If I failed to get back with you, it's totally my fault.  I'm sorry. Please try again?

Things have been ramping up here the past few weeks and I've been trying so feverishly to find my seasonal receptionist.  I even hit up the hostess at the Lynchburg Olive Garden last weekend!! lol  I finally found my girl this morning, though and hired her.  Olivia will be answering the phones for me part time and also returning some calls and emails.  She's getting married this spring and she's a "Gilded" bride.  I'm working her wedding.  How cool is that? We're each other's bosses at the same time ;) She's delightfully left brained, (I'm obviously deficient in left-brains).  Everybody welcome her warmly, for she'll make your experience with us run more smoothly.