The trouble with hems...

I want you to watch this video.  It's Pnina Tornai's 2013 collection.  It is assumed that the hem lengths are what the designer intended.  Watch the hem lengths. Watch the shoes.

I've been meaning to post about this for a few weeks, and this video is the perfect illustration for what I want to get across to you.  We often have brides who struggle with deciding on their hem lengths.  They want their dress floor-length, but they don't want to trip. They don't want their hem to buckle, and they don't want it to get dirty.  But most of all... they don't want their shoes to show!  This is a common dilemma.   

The fact is, in some styles, you CANNOT have a safe floor length dress that keeps your shoes covered while walking.  The problem is particularly acute when the bride has chosen a sheath dress or a dress that doesn't have a very full skirt, crinoline, etc.  Unfortunately, you may have to choose between tripping or shoes showing.  There's also many dress styles, that no matter how long you keep the hem, with the train pulling the dress back, and there being no substantial fullness to the skirt,  you will have shoes showing.  

My advice is always: decide which you want.  If I tell you you can't have a safe hem without your shoes peeking out when you walk, believe me.  If you want it extra long, we'll do that for you.  If you want a safe floor-length hem, we'll accommodate.  But please believe me when I tell you whether or not your shoes will show, and decide from there.  Sometimes it's unavoidable.  

The best route?  Go shoe shopping, and pick out shoes that you love, because they will show at some point, no matter how long your dress is!