Sarah and Robert

As I said in my previous post, my hubs and I packed up to go to Southern Pines, N.C. this past weekend to work a wedding.  This is the third time this family has used this venue!  All three of their daughter's married here.  

Let's change this up a bit from my usual way of posting and start by going over some before and after's of Sarah's gown.  It needed shaping, repairs, (we joked and called it the mummy dress because the bodice looked like it was made with tattered strips of cloth) and it also needed some general pizzazz.  This dress falls into the categories of both a fit adjustment and a redesign... 

That "during" picture shows that I had to completely deconstruct the sides to rearrange the way that the strips were laying.  Each strip had to be trimmed of its frayed edges.  We added more Alencon lace to the bodice. We also made a sash for Sarah. 

Isn't she beautiful!??

Here's some of my set-up that I had while I was there.  (note Starbucks) Haha  That's a grande mocha with pumpkin spice syrup, and extra shot of espresso, and whipped cream.  You should try it sometime! 

Family and friends pitched in to make this a special day for Sarah and Robert. (Vendor links coming soon!  I'm waiting to hear back from them on who all the great vendors were.)  

OH!!! And you've got to meet these boys!  Adorable.  I love that the ring bearer is carrying a bird's nest instead of a pillow.  Very unique. These squirmy worms required some fancy stitching!  Those Peter Pan collars like to turn up, (see pic on left)  I had to tack them down and tack the suspenders- while the boys were in the clothes.  That's a common little wardrobe problem we face with children. These boys wore beautiful linen suits that had to be freshly steamed for them.   But they look so spiffy!  

bw lace.jpg

This first shot is special because she was looking out the window watching a sudden, sunny rain shower.  It was the kind that drops huge raindrops down while the sun is still beaming its heart out.  The outside world was sparkly as we searched the sky for a rainbow.  Her husband, Robert, is a weatherman, so it was delightful to see every type of weather packed into one day.  Later we discovered, that he was looking for a rainbow at the same time that we were. 

"Did you see one?" I asked him.

"No" he said, but I'm sure there was one somewhere."

Check that Gilded Bustle ;) 

Woah.  The weatherman cranked it up a few degrees hotter in there!  

Aww... but look at Sarah and her Dad.  He's having a blast!   

Sarah's bustle held up well for all the movin' and shakin'.  She chose a french bustle which was put in with ribbons- it's one of the stronger bustle types that one can pick.  

Hope you enjoyed the story of their day!  My husband and I loved working with them.  They even invited us to stay for dinner and brunch the next morning.  So kind.


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