I am so pumped!  This post is a first for us! Because we deal with weddings, pictures of our work always have to be old. (With the exception of our coverage of wedding day services.  That's maybe only 48 hrs or so old.)  For instance.  I haven't updated my website with before/afters of my 2014 brides.  We chop their heads off for a couple reasons.  Psychologically, it allows a potential bride to picture herself more easily.  But the BIG reason is so we don't have to keep track of identities and wedding dates etc. -to prevent the disclosure of dress images before bride's big day.  It keeps things anonymous.  

Well, yesterday's bride was a delightful exception.  She's not worried about anyone figuring out who she is.  (She's an out-of-town bride, so you would have to streeetch your imagination radius anyway. lol )   

Her dress was originally a size 12 and she's a size 2.  Ok, ok.  We broke all the rules.  (You're technically not supposed to alter up or down more than 2 sizes.  So after cautioning her, (yet rubbing my hands together in gleeful anticipation) we began.  Here's the story of her dress...

wowzaas!  Here are the before shots.  The dress was about 5 inches too long and 10 sizes too big...  BTW, plz fudge over the white balance issues.  I know the dress appears to be a different color in each pic! lol  We have several different types of bulbs in our shop and I just didn't feel like, or have time to fidget around with the colors.  

Hers' the effects of stage 1 of the fitting process.  There are still some repairs to be made, (missing buttons).

Here's a closer take on that "Gilded" fit.  Next, note the arrow.  It's pointing to an area that I had to ease in.  The train was long on the sides because of the dress being too long, but we don't want to shorten the train.  That's a beautiful ease, there folks.  ;) Please note, we didn't just whack the sides of the train.  

Next step.  She wanted a bit of a sweetheart without cutting it out or adding too much texture.  She also wanted cap sleeves made from the fabric which was harvested from the hem.  

Final looks.  The buttons were originally a little more spaced out.  We added 12 buttons to railroad them together a little tighter.  Check out this fit!! I love the back of those straps.  (Ignore the bra strap.  She's going to go bra shopping.) 

Final looks.  We also put in a french bustle, but I didn't include that for brevity's sake.  

Let me send out a special thanks to my good sport, "Miss Anonymous".  She made my day! Have a blessed day, guys :)