Sarah's C-ville wedding

My hubby and I worked a wedding in Charlottesville this weekend.  It was held at the beautiful Christ Episcopal Church.  The Reception was just a few blocks away at the Old Metropolitan Hall on The Downtown Mall.

The wedding went so smoothly!  The bride was relaxed and kind all day.  You could tell that she and the bridal party were truly happy.  

I had received a text from the bride the day before her wedding.  She was giving me a heads-up that her sister couldn't zip the top half of her dress due to her new, ever changing body and a sweet little nursling.  She sent me a cell pic and let me know the color of the gown and I quickly constructed a rapid-corset back kit that I could install in minutes upon arriving to the wedding the next day.

The bride was sporting some custom changes that we made to her gown.  Her bodice was originally straight across and we made it a sweetheart neckline.  We also put in a grommet corset back for Sarah.     

Two random facts: The Church was beautiful.  And I had lots of navy blue bows to tack. ;) 

Sarah's corset back and sweetheart neckline, (and sweet smile to go with it!)  I loved this family!

Our rapid corset back allowed sister to confidently enjoy the wedding day!

Our rapid corset back allowed sister to confidently enjoy the wedding day!

The giving away of Sarah.

The giving away of Sarah.

Their photographer was Jim Carpenter.  (This is actually the second shooter in this pic.  But trust me, Jim's around ;)  I cannot say enough about him!  He was clearly the most professional, kind, experienced, photographers that I have had the pleasure to work with. And I've worked with many. Both photogs were geared out but worked the people with ease and humor.   A+++!! 

This is hilarious! I bustled her in an alley, behind the venue. ;) Hey.  It's hard to find a private moment!

The reception venue.  Old Metropolitan Hall.  So pretty!