A Marie Antoinette Affair

This weekend's wedding was located in Roanoke, Virginia.  The bride dressed at Hotel Roanoke. The wedding Ceremony was at Greene Memorial United Methodist Church.  The reception venue was at the Corinthian Ballroom.  The wedding theme was Marie Antoinette.  

Ok, so the facts are aside.  Let me just say that I LOVE this family.  The Brier's family is very dear to me. So Sara and Logan's big day was something that I just couldn't miss.  (Of course, it helped that they booked me last year. ;) Please enjoy the photos, although they don't do the day justice.  

Sara and Logan had a dream team of vendors! The photographer was Crystal George with the lovely Rhiannon England by her side, second shooting.  Videographer was Brad of Shaking Hands Productions.  Flowers were absolutely unbelievable!  The petal show was put on by Rod Meek & Company. This was my first time working with him.  He's so nice to other vendors. It speaks volumes about the passion of a vendor-  that their heart is in the right place when they cooperate with other vendors- not just the Bride.  All three of the above mentioned vendors are stand-outs for that, and it comes through in how the day flows! 

Meet Sara and Logan. :)

Did you see the shoes!? So very Marie.  

There were a few snafus so I was glad I was there.  There was a lot of steaming to be done, but also a couple spot cleaning emergencies, a torn hem, tux button gave out, rope for the Celtic knot tying frayed and needed to be finished off, a bridesmaid's bodice needed a pinch, and of course, what wedding would be complete without at least one bridesmaid's dress zipper breaking?  Sooo... sew her up, I did! I also tacked the top of Sara's zipper flap to make it invisible.  All you see is the corset. 

Some of Sara's great team (From left to right Rhiannon, Brad, and Crystal.)  & Check out that bustle. ;) 

I had a little more spare time before the wedding and during the reception to snag some pics. Sara's dress actually required quite a bit of my assistance, so I didn't get a single picture of the entire wedding party! I was working it!  It turned out to be a very hot day, and of course, that's tough on a bride, so I also carried a parasol over Sara between pics and fanned her when necessary! lol  

So we'll leave those wedding party pics up to Crystal.  I know they were ahhhmazing.  I think they had a super model requirement for the bridesmaids. ;) I can't wait to see Crystal's visual interpretation of the day.  She's one of my top 5 photogs, people.  

Flowers by Rod Meek.  Love story video by Shaking Hands.  

Ooh La La... Let them eat cake!

Gorgeous details! There was a lovely fondant cameo that was on my slice.  I wrapped it in a napkin and took it home to my daughter.  ;) 

Their faces form a perfect heart as they enjoy their first dance.  

Happy forever, Sara and Logan!! I can't wait to see your new life unfold.