Mazal Tov!

     We worked a wedding in Baltimore, MD this past Sunday.  It was full of color-rich, and personality-rich details!  The day was peppered with surprises. The looks that were exchanged between the bride and groom were sugar sweet, and the location had a flavor all it's own.  

     Speaking of the location...  It was at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  Cool huh?  (Remember the invitations that I blogged about?)  The planning was done by Plan It Perfect Events.  (Natalie was awesome!) The Photog was Kevin Dietch.  Very nice guy and clearly knew his stuff, (understatement of the yr ;).  He's a photojournalist from D.C.  Yes, go ahead and snoop out that link on his name, you'll be glad you did!  He and his assistant, Chris worked so well together- like they could read each other's minds! 

     Humm...  let's see, one other thing... one other- OH! Zee Bride and Groom of course! ;)  Deetza Benno married Bill Aronson!  

     As you know, I love Church Street Bridal.  She found her dream dress there.  (They sell designer donated dresses at 10% of retail, and all of their proceeds go to help victims of domestic violence).  She had her gown altered by, moi. Her veil, custom made by moi.  His suit was so spiffy and was custom made as well.  Christopher Schafer Clothier in Baltimore created the groom's suit and the custom shirts and ties.  Well done!  Both the bride and groom had personalities, plus!!  They were a joy to work for.  (I actually hugged this groom! lol- Oh, and I kissed the Maid of Honor.)  They were just fabulous.  I could go on and on.  I'll try to pop in a few details along with the pictures.  I know too much text doesn't get read.  


Deetza hugs her brother before the ceremony starts as her mother looks on.  

Beautiful, beautiful Deetza.  After I helped her into her gown, she turned to face her maids and her Maid of Honor's mother.  The elder woman spoke expressively in Hebrew.  Her maid of honor, Rosaline circled around Deetza translating for us all.  "Lights"... no. "Diamonds"... no.  Deetza,  She says you look "Radiant"!

The ceremony was held in a pavilion right on the inner harbor in Baltimore.  It was so peaceful and happy.  Brightly colored sailboats glided by throughout the ceremony.   

Deetza and Bill are united and dance a joyful dance down the aisle.  Deetza's name is Hebrew for "The joy that comes from dancing".   LOVE. IT.  

Onto that venue... 

Bill and Deetza are announced! "Mr. and Mrs. Bill Aronson!

Here's happy Deetza with her dance-able bustle.  And, boy did they ever dance!!!

Check out her arms! Bill and Deetza danced like pros. No, no, I'm for real. It was the stuff that viral reception videos are made of.  It was incredible.  And of course, they did The Horah, the traditional chair dance too.  

Flowers by, My Flower Box.  Very bright and pretty! 

The Hoagie-looking thing is actually a confectionery creation, as are the eggs.  You'll notice the Sesame Street theme popping up all over.  Everything they did was with a wink and a nudge.  

The wonderful dessert lady was Judy Wittmer, from Sweet Wedges in Bel Air, Maryland.  You can't go wrong with beauty and flavor in one little package.  

Whew!!  So, that's as much as I could edit down this action-packed day.  Many blessings to Bill and Deetza!