Katie and Russ at The Greenbrier

My husband and kids traveled with me to West Virginia Monday for a beautiful winter wedding.  The site is tucked away in a sleepy modest town.  White Sulfur Springs appears to have no distinguishing features from the interstate. But, when you finally round the curve and pull up the drive to The Greenbrier, you know that you have arrived.  The building is massive!  

The Greenbrier was decked in her Holiday finery. 

The evergreens were strung with lights and the reflections of muted colors sparkling on the rainy asphalt were very inviting.   I couldn't wait to see my bride, Katie again.  I was also looking forward to meeting the lucky groom.  Katie is not an ordinary bride.  She planned a large, formal wedding from a distance, (in a relatively short amount of time).  She is very intelligent and strong, but she doesn't make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable.  She speaks her mind but is very thoughtful towards others and the same time.  A complex little package, this Katie! ;)  I wonder who her match could be?  

I passed many colorful sitting areas on my way to the bridal suite.  You could see the ice skating rink from the window of Katie's room.  

I delivered her dress and hung it high from a door frame.  It took several steamings to get it right.  Days with high humidity cause the gowns to wrinkle faster and the trip to the resort had done a number on the gown.  

Katie is a practical soul.  She said several times that day, "Look!  I'm a girl!!" as she laughed aloud.  She's not usually one to waltz around in large ball gowns! She knew how she wanted it customized, though.  (We had altered the gown a few weeks before her wedding date.  She also had us put pockets in her gown.)  

The pockets were not visible because of the lay of her pleats.  You could only see them when she used them.  

Soon it was time for her wedding!

She gave her mom a kiss, clutched her bouquet, and we walked down a corridor that was lined with plaster busts and Christmas trees. We waited in a room that had a large painting of Princess Grace, (My FAVE!!)  I wish I could have snagged a pic for you guys, but I was "playing Pippa" at the moment with Katie's train.   

Katie is modeling her custom made birdcage veil that we designed for her.  

Katie looked stunning! 

Katie and Russ took their vows in The Cameo Ballroom.  It was nice to spend the afternoon with them both.  They are a fabulous match for each other.  They are both very strong people but with a softness toward the other because of the love that is between them.  The connection was very apparent and warm. May they always keep that.  It will help them weather many of life's storms together.  

I should also take a moment to mention Katie's great vendors!  Emily French was the Coordinator from The Greenbrier she was a hard worker.  Very kind and proficient.  The Barksdales had chosen Laura's Focus for their photography.  It was so good to work Laura again!  Mark Frye, Creative Occasions did the flowers.  The gown was purchased at Newfangled Bride in Salem, VA.


Oh... and I should also say, Happy New Year, everyone!