This is AWESOME!!!

This is AWESOME!!

After Being Left at the Altar, Bride Turns Heartbreak Into an Epic ‘Trash the Dress’ Photo Shoot

Get your heart back, girl!! 

This is a great idea.  I see sniffing, sad brides very often at my shop.  They make a quiet phone call to arrange the pickup of their dress.  They keep their head down as they walk past the other brides in my shop.  As I hand them their dress, I let them know that I canceled a wedding once, and it's the BEST thing that can happen.  It doesn't matter who makes the call.  No one deserves a lifelong commitment that doesn't include huge amounts of love. 

That being said,  I don't think a bride who is sad and hurting should have to pick up her gown by herself.  Bridesmaids!??  Where are you?  This is something that should be your job or the job of mom, if she's available.  If the bride can't pick up her gown with a feeling of triumph and relief, then someone else needs to.  

Need a little more therapy?   This trash the dress shoot sounds very cathartic for everyone that is hurt and frustrated in this situation.  


(via Offbeat Bride via HuffPo)

Image credits: Photographs by Elizabeth Hoard