Karen and Bill

We were kicking off our spring weddings at the lurvly Glencliff Manor this past Saturday.  Karen and Bill tied the knot- ...er "sawed the log" on a cool, drizzly April day. (We'll get to the log sawing later ;)  Drizzly days are wonderful.  No no, definitely not in terms of dry cleaning.  I know they can be a mess!  But, the pictures turn out so beautiful.  The colors are vibrant, and best of all, you get married surrounded by blooming flowers and warm glowing lights.  You would never see the sparkle of the string lights during the day on a sunny day.  In my opinion, the highlight of day weddings at Glencliff is the flowering beauty.  The highlight of the evening events is the fanciful lighting.  A drizzly day gives you both!

Contact info for Glencliff, Wisteria in bloom, umbrellas awaiting, and a single orange left on the tree

Another special treat for Karen is the blooming wisteria.  As us southern belles know, wisteria bloom is a short lived show.  Only one bride a year is graced with walking through the tunnel dripping with purple wisteria.  Karen was that girl!! There was also a single orange left on the charming orange tree.  

I didn't grab a picture of Jack at work, But Karen and Bill  chose Jack Radgowski of JR Photography as their photographer.  He was very kind and would work until he got the shot the way he was envisioning it.  He's definitely not a "spray and pray" kind of shooter.  Very thoughtful.

Look at Karen's beautiful dress!!  We got her laced up and enjoyed her custom, "Gilded" fit.  Her gown was a Maggie Sottero from Celebration. They have beautiful inventory and a very attentive sales team.  

As  you may already know, I'm hired for wedding day services as a form of insurance against wardrobe malfunctions.  I also spoil the efforts of the evil trolls who sneak into closets to take up the waistlines on clothes that make them ill-fitting the night before a wedding.   I'm usually very busy because of those terrible tricks those trolls play! This wedding was no exception.  The groom's coat was too small.  Military uniforms, as you know, are worn very fitted.  You have no wiggle-room to change a size or two.  Out comes my sewing machine, 20 mins before time to walk the aisle...  

Now back to the girls.  It was time to don the rhinestone-trimmed veil.  The brides and maids wore blue and gold Pashmina wraps.  ~sigh~   I love the colors!!!  Military weddings are so pretty and classy.  

See what I mean by, the best of both worlds?  The lights are mesmerizing.  Check out the pavilion.  I love the clear sides.  They keep the warmth in, but allow you to see the verdant display around you.  Both of these pictures are shot through the clear plastic.  It was so chilly outside, we could see their breath! 

Cake by Angela Hudson through Glencliff Manor

This couple made very tasteful, aesthetically pleasing choices, but their personalities were also very silly and fun-loving.  The cake table represents their dual natures perfectly.  


Karen and Bill pause in the glittering arbor.  What a striking couple they are!  Many blessings to you both! 

What were your favorite memories of this day?  Share your comments, thoughts, and well wishes below for Karen and Bill to treasure.