Hannah and Dillon

We just had our first May 2015 wedding at the beautiful Diamond V Farm.  Hannah's situation was a little different because she had a barn venue, yet opted for a gown with a long train.  A long train requires a little more care.  When I first arrived, I was immediately busy. Two of the bridesmaid's dresses needed adjusting.  (Thank goodness for a sewing machine!) One had lost a loop.  A groomsman's shirt that arrived in the mail at the 11th hour needed pressing.  And all of the gowns needed to be steamed, as usual.  I set to work sewing instead of first taking my leisurely stroll that I normally take upon my early arrival.  -So forgive!  I have no cake pics or vendor mentions for that. But, Hannah's photographer, Jenny Clark of Don't Blink Photography will have all of those details recorded beautifully.    

Flowers were by PJs Designs.  

All the bridesmaid's were able to walk down the aisle in perfectly fitted gowns due to our last minute tweaks.  They got ready in the newly built cabin.   Hannah entered the ceremony site through Diamond V's hallmark white doors. 

She looked so beautiful, and you can tell that she had her gown custom fit to her form...

We got off to a busy start, but the wedding party was actually pretty low key.  There were no wardrobe malfunctions once everything got moving.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  I spot cleaned Hannah's gown before she was announced at the reception.  I bustled her into her triple bustle before taking off down the rolling, country drive.  

Hannah and Dillon, may your road trip of life be long and happy together! Readers, feel free to wish them well on their journey by leaving a comment here.  (We won't take or give your info.)