Vintage Redesign

I'm thinking back on some of my favorite past projects that somehow slipped through the cracks for my blog.  I edited Alyson's redesign last year when we did her alterations, but it calls out to be such an image heavy post, that I never got around to uploading. I'm up past midnight, and what can I say?  Yay for unlimited uploading between midnight at 5AM! Hey, now you know why I often blog late.  I live in the boonies and have satellite internet, (read: sketchy service and expensive!)  I have a few other exciting projects to share, but those will have to keep.  It is Alyson's long-awaited night to shine! 

I feel like letting the images be the story for this post.  They tell more than I can.  I'll start you off with the fact that this was her mother's wedding gown that we redesigned for Alyson's style. This is truly one of my favorite redesigns. 

I'll get all of the words out of the way, now.  Enjoy...